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Prepare a Business Case for New Product

  • Establish customer value:  
    • Build a clear understanding of the value of the product to all health care providers along the care path - labs, physicians, payers and patients
    • Market segmentation
    • Research detailed design requirements
  • Assess Competitive landscape 
  • Complete customer requirements documents
  • Develop a market model to estimate the 10 year revenue opportunity 
  • Projected P&L for the project and NPV 

Build and Execute a Marketing Strategy & Plan

  • Establish a fact base including detailed customer value, competitive landscape and market projection
  • Build the unique competitive value story and lay out evidence required to support it
  • Develop and validate messaging
  • Select communication channels
  • Prepare marketing and sales plan with budget
  • Execute sales and marketing plans via all selected channels 

Prepare Components of Above

Much of the work required to prepare a business case or build a marketing plan may have been previously completed, but individual components still need attention e.g. the market model or the competitive landscape assessment

Investigate New Markets E.g. European companies entering the US market

  • Build Key Opinion Leader relationships
  • Seek out early evaluators and adopters
  • Find distributors
  • Prepare information about new markets e.g. customer market research, structure of the healthcare system, regulatory and reimbursement requirements for the proposed product

Provide Guidance/Coaching

  • On the essentials of a business case or an IVD product marketing strategy
  • Review progress and support decision making as marketing plans are executed

When you need external support


Large Companies with Work Overflow

  • Keep your deadlines despite staff shortages e.g. while staff searches are in progress, during hiring freezes or maternity leave
  • Prepare the market for new products that don't easily fit into your current sales and marketing organisation
  • Keep a new project confidential within the company until it is further developed

Small and Mid Sized Companies Needing Marketing Skills

  • Get early stage product marketing work done correctly and hold off on full time hiring until later in the development timeline
  • Have your new or small marketing team benefit from an experienced sounding board 
  • Develop early customer relationships in a new market before hiring local full time staff

Biotech Companies with Companion Tests Needing Diagnostics Expertise

Include an experienced diagnostics marketer in your team without having to hire one full time

Companies Entering the US Clinical Diagnostics Market

Start building all the necessary key opinion leader contacts and important market understanding to launch diagnostics products in the US before you are ready to hire a full time team

Investors and VC's Doing Due Diligence

Have professional market risk assessment done without having to hire someone full time 

Market Research Companies Who Need Extra Part Time Hands

Count on a knowledgable person to conduct interviews with health care providers and/or analyse results, prepare reports and present outcomes to your clients 


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